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In the year 1971, Le Mendoza was established in Karachi as a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with the vision to provide life and health to millions. Its main objective was to provide quality medicines at competitive rates.

While conducting SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threat) analysis, the rise in availability of spurious medicines in the market, dollar - rupee disparity and a sluggish domestic economy remained the key challenges facing the industry. These combined with pressures of lower prices of the products if compared with those of multinational ones posed a threat to the business. Nevertheless, the organization continued its drive for achieving sales growth and improving profitability.

The sustainability in growth has been the strength of the organization. Clear insight, customer satisfaction-oriented policy and state-of-art Research and Development led the pharmaceutical concern producing quality medicines and maintaining international standards at par with those of multinationals. All of our products are manufactured strictly on the basis of CGMP. The opportunities for extending the range of products were explored and materialized so as to ensure long term growth of the concern. Now it has a wide range of pharmaceutical products comprising injections, capsules, tablets, syrups, etc. in different pack sizes.

Being first national pharmaceutical concern, we enjoy the privilege to introduce unique formulation in the form of Heptocam (Silymarin with Vitamins) in Pakistan. A clinical trial of two years with forty patients was conducted by Pakistan Medical Research Cell (PMRC) for Chronic Liver Diseases (CLD) with Heptocam. The patients selected has their enzymatic levels raised three times the normal values. Two capsules of Heptocam were given, morning and evening. The patients' compliance and general condition was very much satisfactory. According to trial, a reasonable significant number of patients showed a subjective response in their clinical symptoms like increased appetite, feeling of well-being, reduced right upper quadrant pain and nausea and improvement in asthenia and fatigue. Only one patient suffered uncontrolled diarrhoea necessitating the termination of therapy. No other side effects were reported. Cases of child grade showed highest response rate measured by increase in serum albumin level and a significant decline in serum ALT level concluding the trial.

This small study with a limited number of patients using Heptocam discloses legitimate hope in traditional oral medication as few of the patients showed some clinical and biochemical response.

It was, however, found that younger age and hepatitis B positive serology are predictors of favourable clinical response. The first line of treatment with IFN and Ribavarin is too expensive to be used freely, and has a limited success rate in inducing sustained remission, a higher rate of toxicity and a significant relapse rate in our population where CLD is quite prevalent and there is no other therapy available. There appears to be reasonable room for the traditional medication to be used for much longer duration in CLD. The role of the four renowned PMRC doctors is commendable for their having conducted such a trial for two years.

The development of oral liver therapy for CLD is an outstanding achievement for the liver patients by a national unit, Le Mendoza.

An article under the head "TRIAL CONFIRMS LIVER THERAPY BY ORAL USE OF NEW DRUG" was published in a well known medical newspaper, 'Asian Medical News' for the fortnight April 1 to 14, 2001 providing details of the therapy.

Another product named Camozyme Syrup, the best selling enzyme preparation in the country is very effective as it establishes proteolytic activity, improves food absorption and gives the relief of heart burn, dyspepsia, unbalanced diet, abdominal distention etc. Another product i.e. Siroline Syrup, is quite popular as it relieves bronchial congestion, facilitates expectoration of secretion from Bronchial air-ways, provides soothing effect in respiratory tract etc. Other products are also quite effective for treatment of various types of diseases.

Today Le Mendoza has grown into a major Group of Companies (Medicam Group of Companies) enjoying constant success and persistent growth of each of its components.
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